Technical : C-WEST/BC/Hankook S2000

The C-West S2000 first gained noto- riety in November 2005 when the dry- carbon Honda was freshly shipped in a container from Japan just a few days before its U.S. race debut. With minimal changes performed on the vehicle’s suspension, the car was quickly whisked off to Buttonwillow Speedway as it prepared to wage war in the Super Street and eurotuner Time Attack (Super Lap Battle). The S2000 competed in the Unlimited FR Class and was driven by Eiji “Tarzan” Yamada, using of all things a stock JDM 2.0L motor. The naturally aspirated S2000 ran an amazing 1:53.147 time and was named the Unlimited FR Champion that year. The win was a bittersweet victory for C-West and its S2000 because the car was immediately taken back to the U.S. facility, never to be seen again, sitting in storage for the next two and a half years.

When the ’05 champ seemed to have been forgotten, the car was surprisingly resurrected, with the help of Gary Castillo, owner of Design Craft Fabrication, in early 2008. Castillo just so happened to work in a shop adjacent to C-West, walking past the S2000 on a daily basis while the car sat around catching dust. Sympathetic of the car’s status, he knew something had to be done. With a ’08 season proposal to run the S2000, with C-West Japan’s approval, the car was given a basic tune-up before it was officially un-retired and trailed back out onto the tracks. Using an over-the-counter GReddy turbo kit on the factory engine, the car was taken to a local track event where the now-turbocharged powerplant and lightweight chassis seemed to work well for both driver Tyler Mcquarrie and the C-West S2000.

As time progressed, the S2000 went through numerous changes and picked up sponsors like BC (Brian Crower) and Hankook tires-lending a helping hand to improve its record-setting times at numerous tracks events. Follow along as Turbo magazine and Design Craft Fabrication prepares to swap out the tired 2.0L mill with a custom 2.4L powerplant. You can bet this team, with its new engine displacement and numerous upgrades, is eyeing the coveted track record of 1:43.523 that was set by HKS and its CT230R at Buttonwillow in 2007. Only time will tell before this carbon machine has what it takes to be crowned this year’s Super Lap Battle champion.

Editor’s Note: This article was written by Gary Castillo three days after the new engine was installed and the shakedown at Willow Springs Raceway during a Super Lap Battle qualifying event.

Honda S2000 Building New Engine

In building the new 2.4L engine, Castillo used a set of ACL flash-treated rod bearings. BC offers a full set of ACL flash-treated bearings with its stroker kit, which was used for this engine. The advantages of flash treating a bearing is a surface that is stronger, due to the similarities of being heat treated. Because the bearing is sold through BC, they can offer close-to-factory-spec clearances
Honda S2000 Measuring Ring Gaps

Ring gaps were measured per cylinder.
Honda S2000 Stock To New

Here’s an image comparing the stock Honda piston material sleeve to a Darton ductile iron sleeve. The Darton sleeve fortifies the sleeves while making it a closed-deck block. The sleeves were installed by Steve of Race Engine development in Oceanside, Calif.
Honda S2000 Cp Pistons

The newly acquired CP pistons were measured half an inch from the bottom of the skirt to get accurate bore size. A quick measurement of the piston revealed they were 88.91mm.
Honda S2000 Bc Rods

The BC rod uses the same center to center with the factory rod but pin location on the piston is modified to accept the larger 2.4L stroke.
Honda S2000 Preparing Ring Gap Clearance

Castillo prepares the ring gap clearance for the pistons. The CP pistons come with a ring gap spec sheet designed for street, strip, and race applications. The C-West/BC/Hankook S2000 went with a race application gap.
Honda S2000 Oil Ring Set

The oil ring set comes with a fourth oil ring expander, which compresses the oil ring to make up the difference of the pin height placement rather than using aluminum buttons.
Honda S2000 Stock Block Water Jackets

A close-up of the stock block water jackets.
Honda S2000 Iron Ductile Sleeves

The Darton iron ductile sleeves were machined for closed deck yet it allows coolant passage for extra cooling through the cylinder head.
Honda S2000 Arp Main Stud

ARP head studs come with Allen heads on top to tighten by hand and ensure install heights are correct.
Honda S2000 Aclmain Bearings

ARP main studs and head studs were used, along with ACLmain bearings.
Honda S2000 Different Size

A drawback when using ARP head studs is the bolt and stud protruding a little higher than the factory studs. Here’s a photo of the area we had to modify to give clearance for the oil pump.
Honda S2000 Main Girdle

The assembly shows the main girdle on the block using ARP studs.
Honda S2000 Die Grinder

Using a die grinder, the surface area was modified to make clearance.
Honda S2000 Removing Old Valve Seals

In order for the new BC spring seats to be installed, the old valve seals were removed and replaced.

C-West/BC/Hankook S2000 Shatters Records Again On July 12, 2008The Super Lap Battle was another good shakedown session for the C-West/BC/Hankook S2000. After our win in Utah we were intent on getting even more power out of the car. The new BC 2.4L stroker engine and GReddy T618Z turbo should be able to handle horsepower levels in the 600-zone, but we are only at half that power. As happy as we were about finally finding the problem that led to a loss in power, it was the challenge of solving the issue that was killing us. We were able to get the power up but we had to rely on deactivating Honda’s VTEC control. This was a temporary fix because the car should jump up in power once the issue is resolved. We’re looking to make over 100-plus more horsepower out of the engine once we can solve the VTEC issues. Nevertheless, the boost was not falling off like it did in Utah, and power was pulling throughout the powerband so we were forced to run the car as is. Upon our first run session we decided to run the boost controller on low and also run the C91 Hankook tires at a moderate pressure. After our first three passes, race driver Tyler Mcquarrie explained that he had to battle a slight understeer issue at the high-speed turns as well as an aerodynamic drag issue in straight-line, high-speed performance. When the timing sheet was posted, it revealed that we broke last year’s track record time of 1:28.10 posted by HG Motorsports. On the S2000’s first run session it blasted a time of 1:25.05, shattering the record by over three seconds. For the next pass the decision was made to lower the wing by 10 degrees and reset the tires to a much lower pressure and change the rear shock adjustments. On the Honda’s second pass it was obvious the changes worked when a 1:23.50 time was announced. The next closest competitor was Tanner Foust in the Crawford Subaru with a 1:37.20. With two more runs left in the day, we were left with the one of two decisions: unload even more power in case one of the competing teams was holding back or play it safe or leave the car as is. The decision was made to try and get more power using a set of BC prototype cams for our third run. During the run it was obvious that we didn’t have the proper fueling and timing, so Mcquarrie decided to scratch session three. The original BC cams were reinstalled and boost was turned up 4-more psi for the fourth and final run session. With track temperatures cooled off, the S2000 stopped the clocks at a record 1:23.14. Due to traffic, the car was not able to get a clean third pass, and results have always shown us that with the Hankook tires the third pass always runs the fastest with the rubber up to temperature. While we did ended up winning the event with a record time for the Super Lap Battle, an interesting note about the time was that it is the only production car to run that fast at Willow Springs, compared to full-tube chassis cars and open-wheel cars. The time falls in Willow Springs record list at number 26 in the Top 65 cars fastest to run at the track. Keep in mind that this weekend’s win is all testing for the big race coming this weekend at California Speedway. Be sure to look out for upcoming magazine coverage in Super Street, Modified, Turbo, Import Tuner, and Sport Compact Car. Hope to see you all at Auto Club Speedway, formally known as California Speedway.Gary Castillo, Team Design Craft

Redline Time Attack, Buttonwillow, Mar. 22-23First Place Unlimited RWDFirst Place Unlimited ClassFirst Place OverallOne of five cars to run in the 1:48 timezone

Super Lap Battle, Long Beach Grand Prix, Apr. 19-20Second Place Unlimited RWD

Redline Time Attack, Utah, June 28-29First Place Unlimited RWDFirst Place Unlimited classFirst Place OverallFirst Place Super Session BattleTrack record

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source: turbomagazine

Global Time Attack at Road Atlanta

Global Time Attack Road Atlanta GTA Professional Awesome Racing Dan O'Donnell Jason Dienhart

Road Atlanta and Global Time Attack are a match made in heaven. If you combine a 2.54 mile road course that rolls through the green hills of Georgia with an open rule set where maximum speed and minimum lap times are all that matters, you’re bound to have an incredible event.

Thanks to GTA series sponsors like Continental Tire, Whiteline Suspension, Garrett Turbo, Spec Clutch and Meister Watches, the battle for Road Atlanta certainly did not disappoint, with new competitors in the mix, newly set fastest lap records, and even big crashes!

Global Time Attack Road Atlanta GTA Professional Awesome Racing Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7 Evo7 Dan O'Donnell Jason Dienhart

From the perspective of Professional Awesome Racing, Road Atlanta was a shakedown and tuneup for the heavily revised 2001 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII. Gone were the Active Center Differential and Super Active Yaw Control rear differential, replaced with mechanical differentials front, center and rear.

Having switched from Street Tire to Limited class at the Global Time Attack finale in November 2012, it was also a time to learn the nuances of driving differences of the Hankook Ventus TD in comparison to the Ventus RS-3.

Global Time Attack Road Atlanta GTA Professional Awesome Racing Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7 Evo7 Dan O'Donnell Jason Dienhart

Unfortunately, Day 1 proved to be a challenge from start to finish. Chasing issues of excessive oil consumption, the car would not run consistently enough to put together one flying lap. Having a never-say-die attitude, team members Grant Davis, Mike Lewin and Jordan Gilsinger embarked on a parts search throughout the greater Atlanta area, devising a solution that proved to work extremely well by the end of the day.

Global Time Attack Road Atlanta GTA Professional Awesome Racing Tony Szirka Unlimited Class Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Jason Dienhart Kyle Lewis

With the problem solved, the crew proceeded to help fellow competitor, Tony Szirka, replace a transmission in his Unlimited Class Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.

Global Time Attack Road Atlanta GTA Professional Awesome Racing Tony Szirka Unlimited Class Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Jason Dienhart

Szirka and Professional Awesome have a long history of working together under the most adverse circumstances to fix record breaking cars at the last possible moment!

Global Time Attack Road Atlanta GTA Professional Awesome Racing Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7 Evo7 Dan O'Donnell Jason Dienhart

A threat of rain was in the forecast for the second day of competition, but feeling confident that all major issues had been addressed, Professional Awesome hit the track hard looking to gain lost time from the previous day.

Global Time Attack Road Atlanta GTA Professional Awesome Racing Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7 Evo7 Dan O'Donnell Jason Dienhart

The car performed flawlessly in the first sessions of the day, and I with became even more comfortable with the vehicle changes as the day progressed. Minor tire pressure and alignment changes were all that was needed to maximize grip and to dial in the balance for optimal performance, though a new issue had peaked its head.

The car was running perfectly, but low on boost at only 22psi. The car had already set the new limited record with a time of 1:31.717, but quick adjustments were made to the tune to see if more power could be coaxed from the Evolution. Based on the previous year’s data, the team believed a  lap was possible and expectations were high for the fifth session.

Global Time Attack Road Atlanta GTA Professional Awesome Racing Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7 Evo7 CRASH Dan O'Donnell Jason Dienhart Kyle Lewis

The fifth session proved to be the final session of our 2001 Evolution’s life.

Following another 1:31 second lap, I entered turn 1 and lost control of the car after an outside tire dipped into the Georgia clay. A hard crash ensued, but luckily I walked away with only minor bruising and a good headache.

Global Time Attack Road Atlanta GTA Professional Awesome Racing Dan O'Donnell Jason Dienhart

Following the crash, the final session ran and everyone prepared for the awards ceremony.

Global Time Attack Road Atlanta GTA Professional Awesome Racing Dan O'Donnell Jason Dienhart

At the podium ceremony, champagne was sprayed, big checks collected and fast lap Meister watches given to competitors.

Global Time Attack Road Atlanta GTA Professional Awesome Racing Dan O'Donnell Jason Dienhart

Much to the surprise of Professional Awesome, new Limited Front Wheel Drive record holder Doug Wind (left) gave his event winnings to the team to help the rebuilding process and Tony Szirka (right) followed suit, also donating his winnings.

Global Time Attack Road Atlanta GTA Professional Awesome Racing Dan O'Donnell Jason Dienhart

It was an incredible ending to an incredible event which saw competitors from the West Coast, East Coast and everywhere in-between.

New lap records were set in Street Rear Wheel Drive, Front Wheel Drive, Limited All Wheel Drive and Limited Front Wheel Drive which will give new goals for 2014 competitors to strive for.

Global Time Attack Road Atlanta GTA Professional Awesome Racing Dan O'Donnell Jason Dienhart

At the end of the day, it was amazing to see how tightly knit the time attack community is, helping out fellow competitors from start to finish! We look forward to seeing what will happen in November at the Global Time Attack Finale in Central California’s Buttonwillow Raceway on November 15, 2013.

MotorMavens has thousands more photos from GTA Road Atlanta! Stay tuned to MotorMavens for the next GTA photo update!

:: Dan O’Donnell


It’s been a couple of years since I last visited Snetterton. Coincidentally, it was for the same event – the Time Attack Series finale which still ranks easily in my top five events that I’ve ever covered for the big SH. The memory of watching Gareth Lloyd taking the championship on the last lap of the last event of the season was a personal highlight in my short Speedhunters career. It was the epitome of #maximumattack. We haven’t had the opportunity to bring you as much Time Attack Series coverage this season as we would have liked, but there’s still time to share some of the machines that take part in this series …

First up is the Team Milltek GT-R driven by Richard Marshall, a road-legal Club Challenge competitor. Although this is badged as the 850-TSR, a little bit of research reveals that it runs around 800+BHP but with the option of running 950BHP at the push of a button

R888 rubber, TSW wheels and big Dixcel brakes for what is a big car.

As this car competes in Club Challenge, it doesn’t require a full roll cage and most of the original interior remains – although a half cage hides in the back. The seat and sliding mounts, from Tillet Racing, are pure automotive erotica.

The rear wing is electronically adjustable but asides from the lairy paint scheme and graphics, the car remains mostly standard on the exterior.

Another car that caught my attention wasn’t out on track, but resided in the paddock on the Mitsubishi Lancer Register stand.

Although details were scarce, the AP Tuning Evo VII was attracting a lot of attention. Advan Wheels, Alcon Brakes, Michelin slicks and a comprehensive aero package are all indicative of a complete build.


The large cutout – perhaps for a diffuser? – in the rear bumper allowed a better look at the modified rear end.

Inside, I could make out a MoTeC dash, OMP snap-off wheel and what looks like an Ikeya sequential shifter and hydraulic handbrake.

One of the more visceral cars competing was this Lotus Exige piloted by Jamie Willson.

Although the crew told me that they had the lowest straight line speed – a huge disadvantage at Snetterton – this Exige certainly didn’t appear slow by any stretch of the imagination.

A typically sparse race interior with a paddle-shift operated sequential gearbox. It always makes me laugh at how small these are inside.

Braid Racing wheels wrapped in Kumho rubber with AP Racing brakes lurking behind the black spokes.

Power was being delivered from the supercharged Honda K20 engine – the sound of this car vanishing into the distance with flat upshifts was glorious. 

One of my favourite cars of recent years, which just never seems to get enough love, is the Impreza GH chassis. I constantly find myself on the Pistonheads classifieds seeing if they have dropped into my price range yet. (They haven’t.)

Piloted by Ben Shimmin in the Club Challenge class, the EJ25 powered car suffered some issues on the Saturday which required an all-nighter to get it up and running for Sunday’s event. It is a motor capable of over 600BHP when running right (which does seem to be most of the time).

The Pro-R prepared car features Alcon brakes and Bilstein coilovers.

Interior is a stripped, caged affair retaining the original clocks.

The world needs more Impreza hatches. Just saying.

Speaking of Imprezas …

… Pro-R have been involved in the creation of a super-limited edition Impreza TA340C road car, a car officially affiliated with the Time Attack Series.

Based on the 2011 Impreza STi saloon, the car has been subtly modified to extract the most from the already impressive chassis.

Prodrive wheels, 365mm semi-floating Alcon front brakes, a remap and custom Scorpion exhaust are some of the changes. As the name suggests, the car now boasts 340BHP.

Wrapped in a matte finish, only 15 will be produced – each of which will be numbered with a plaque proudly displaying its rare status.

I’ll finish this post up with a car that has just continued to evolve. I first seen this car at Snetterton two years ago, where it was a road registered and highly modified street car.

Over the last two years, the car has slowly but surely evolved into a different sort of beast altogether, and still piloted by the same Gary Searl.

Although it’s not the prettiest of engine bays, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Similar to the AP Tuning Evo above, Searl’s boasts a number of substantial improvements along with a healthy dose of carbon fibre.

Another car boasting an Ikeya sequential shifter, more so for avoiding the issue of missed gears rather than faster shifts I’d imagine.

The selection of cars above is only a small taster of what the club and club pro classes are building for what is always a toughly fought series. Roll on 2013 …

Paddy McGrath



source: speedhunters

Global Time Attack & Shift S3ctor Pro Am

Global Time Attack Shift S3ctor Sector Buttonwillow

If you saw our previously published story on the R’s Tuning Ben Sopra GTR from the Fast & Furious 6 movie, then you already know we were out at Buttonwillow Raceway this past weekend for the Global Time Attack Pro Am with Shift S3ctor. The event wasn’t intended to be one of the larger GTA events; it was planned as a Pro/Amateur track day for the guys to shake down their cars at Buttonwillow. The types of cars at the event varied pretty wildly, from expensively modified AMG Benzes to homegrown builds, like Honda Civics and Mazda RX7s.

Global Time Attack Shift S3ctor Sector Buttonwillow

In the Buttonwillow paddock closest to the East Loop, the AE Performance crew set up a pretty impressive pit area, which included this white S15 Silvia and a grouping of Boss 302 Mustangs.

Paul Walker Fast & Furious Global Time Attack Shift S3ctor Sector Buttonwillow

Turns out that the driver of the AE Performance 370Z was none other than Paul Walker, of Fast & Furious fame.

Paul Walker Fast & Furious Global Time Attack Shift S3ctor Sector Buttonwillow

While he was driving the track, his crew was on hand with tons of cameras pointed towards him. Someone told me they were filming some extra footage that might be used as a bonus feature for a Fast & Furious DVD, or possibly some other project…

Paul Walker Fast & Furious Global Time Attack Shift S3ctor Sector Buttonwillow

Either way, there was certainly a noticeable difference in the type of trailers the AE crew was working with. When most racers roll to the track with brand new Toyota Tundras or Ford F250s and fully enclosed trailers with graphics, people think they’re ballin! Well, look at Paul Walker’s setup here, with the deluxe motorhome and everything! They even had a separate trailer that was used as a bathroom… separate from the trailer that pulled the 370Z, not to mention the other cars! (Man, and I thought Chris Rado’s track presence was ballin! Paul’s on another level it seems. Those NBC Universal paychecks must have a lot of zeros on them! Unfortunately, when I used to work at Universal, most of the zeros on my paycheck were to the right of the decimal point…)

Global Time Attack Shift S3ctor Sector Buttonwillow

If you look past the stylishly vinyled AE 370Z, you’ll see their baller rig. Damn son! I was looking for the Star Waggons stickers on the side, like all the other rigs parked at the Universal Studios backlot. Anyway, enough rambling about that. I love how this 370 looks! It’s proof that functional track cars and LOOK good too.

Global Time Attack Shift S3ctor Sector Buttonwillow

I think this orange BMW M5 was from the AE Performance camp too. At least it was parked next to their pit area. Either way, it looked awesome out on the track!

Global Time Attack Shift S3ctor Sector Buttonwillow

Ballers and their vehicles aside, I thought it was great to see grassroots racing enthusiasts at many different levels participating in the GTA event. A bunch of friends teamed up to work on this matte black RSX – awesome. I love it when cars bring friends together like this!

Global Time Attack Shift S3ctor Sector Buttonwillow

Oh wow, check out the brakes on the RSX! And the front lip, canards and JDMZipties sticker?! Nice!

Global Time Attack Shift S3ctor Sector Buttonwillow

If you don’t know the driver of this E46 BMW M3, you better remember his name – Don Pastor. Some race teams are proud to have fast cars, but cars are only as fast as the driver behind the wheel. Don Pastor is a fast driver. With a bone stock motor and some really minor mods in his E46 M3, Don managed to pull off a 1:52.232 at Buttonwillow. This was the FASTEST recorded time of the day. Yes, even faster than the Fast & Furious Ben Sopra R35 GTR. If you owned a car as expensive as that Ben Sopra GTR, wouldn’t you be mad that Don’s old E46 was even faster (and quite possibly more furious) than your R35? I think I probably would.

Global Time Attack Shift S3ctor Sector Buttonwillow

Don’s M3 doesn’t even have a race car livery for crying out loud – just some stickers on the side. However, his driving skills still pushed him all the way to the top! RESPECT.

Global Time Attack Shift S3ctor Sector Buttonwillow

Check out this Evo from Static Nine Garage! It was rounding the corners so quickly, the inner tires were lifting up! Sick.

Global Time Attack Shift S3ctor Sector Buttonwillow

This gorgeous yellow FD looked so clean all day! I loved the little RX7 placard on the front bumper (although I prefer just a plain bumper with no plates), because it made me think of Japanese RX7 minicars from brands like Tomica and Ebbro.

Global Time Attack Shift S3ctor Sector Buttonwillow

Ooohhh. A new M3 with Swift springs and other mods? Sign me up! I wanna test drive it! The tires were lifting up as it rounded the “Grapevine” on Buttonwillow’s East Loop!

Global Time Attack Shift S3ctor Sector Buttonwillow

As it sped from the Grapevine to Club Corner, it was cool to see the rear of the M3 squatting down under hard acceleration!

Global Time Attack Shift S3ctor Sector Buttonwillow

This BMW E30 looked HILARIOUS as it rounded the track! The sway bars must have been completely disconnected, cause it had RIDICULOUS amounts of body roll! It was pretty funny actually, it looked cartoonish as it navigated the corners!

Global Time Attack Shift S3ctor Sector Buttonwillow

Speaking of hilarious, things weren’t going so well over at Global Time Attack mission control. Amanda from GTA somehow managed to drain the battery of the Toyota Sienna cargo hauler they drove up to Buttonwillow. Luckily, someone had jumper cables and a car capable of jumping the Sienna!

Global Time Attack Shift S3ctor Sector Buttonwillow

Back on the track, this Mitsubishi Lancer Evo looked pretty aggressive with its super low aero. I wonder what kind of times this thing was putting down! Either way, it’s great to see full aero cars like this one out on the track!

Global Time Attack Shift S3ctor Sector Buttonwillow

Some GTA cars had a minimalist approach to aerodynamics. This Honda Civic looked pretty normal at first glance. It was lowered with wider wheels, canards on the front bumper to direct airflow. Low sideskirts were attached to the car to further aerodynamic direction, and there were big slots cut into the rear bumper so that air wouldn’t get caught inside the rear bumper, creating drag for the car. I wonder how much of an issue drag is for Honda Civics such as this one…? I never really looked into it, cause my own car isn’t fast enough to make me worry about such things.

Global Time Attack Shift S3ctor Sector Buttonwillow

Check out the louvered hood on this Scion FRS from Road Race Motorsports! Or is it Robispec? I don’t know. Either way, this FRS looks like it would be super fun to drive at the track, given its functional performance mods. I’m not the hugest fan of those carbon F1 style mirrors though. It reminds me of… (sorry, Paul Walker) Fast & Furious cars and the horrific “show cars” at Hot Import Nights when they were still around.

Global Time Attack Shift S3ctor Sector Buttonwillow

Blue tape graphics! This S2000 was being driven by my friend John from Maxxis Tires! Great to see some industry heads out at the track!

Global Time Attack Shift S3ctor Sector Buttonwillow

The one thing you need to know about the Shift S3ctor crew is that they like to go fast. Really fast. These guys do top speed airstrip attacks with their cars for crying out loud! Obviously the vehicles in their stable would be fast, with a lot of torque like this black Corvette…

Global Time Attack Shift S3ctor Sector Buttonwillow

Or this R35 GTR. It’s crazy to see how much of a visual difference there is between this stock bodied GTR and the full aero Ben Sopra R35 GTR from R’s Tuning, which was also running the track that day. Apparently the GTR has some Whiteline Suspension components on it? At least, that’s what the license plate frame suggests…

Global Time Attack Shift S3ctor Sector Buttonwillow

Check out the lineup of Shift S3ctor cars parked on the paddock. These are all pretty much big boy vehicles.

Global Time Attack Shift S3ctor Sector Buttonwillow

Check out this Fiat 500 Abarth. I know that Fiat 500s were the rage in Europe, but when I first began seeing the new Fiat 500 on the street, I dismissed it as another small, “cute looking” car like the Smart or Mini Cooper. I’ll be honest. I’m not a fan of such cars. However! The Fiat 500 Abarth is a completely different animal!

I was recently given the opportunity to test drive a friend’s Fiat 500 Abarth, and I had an AWESOME time with it. The 500 Abarth may be small, but it is FAST, and it just SOUNDS so cool – I love hearing turbo noises as I drive around town!

This particular Abarth was equipped with awesome rally-inspired wheels, and I’m pretty sure it was pretty well built. Why do I think that? Well, because it looked and sounded super fast! I’d absolutely LOVE to rip around a track like Buttonwillow or Horse Thief Mile with an Abarth!!!

Global Time Attack Shift S3ctor Sector Buttonwillow

Here’s the Fiat 500 Abarth again, hot on the tail of an S2000 as the checkered flag waves! I had a great time at this GTA/Shift S3ctor event. Maybe we should attend time attack events more often?

:: Antonio Alvendia