Tuned Toyota Starlet KP61

Edward Jai Feliciano’s Tuned Toyota Starlet KP61

While many of us cut our teeth playing with Matchbox cars or racing our buddies on the PlayStation, ten-year-old Edward Jai Feliciano learned the ropes building this cool KP61 Starlet with his Dad and Grandpa.And while they may have left the seam-moulded bodykit to the experts, lil’ Eddie was involved in the whole build, which started with the motor. Of course, he had a little help along the way.“I wanted to go Toyota all the way,” says his Pops, Bruno. “I didn’t want to go 4AG ‘cause everyone does that and I didn’t want to use a 20V turbo cause that’s gonna be my next project. So, we went with the Second Gen 3SG (MR2 motor) that I had sitting in my garage. Besides I didn’t want it too fast as it’s for my son you know!”With the myriad modifications such as the custom exhaust and TEC3 ECU the 2-litre motor puts out around 225bhp. It looks the part as well with the ITBs and intake.Next they took the car to renowned LA panel beater, PJ Bonaficio. He moulded in the widebody kit that was inspired by the Toyota racecars of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. Of course the JDM mirrors had to be fitted to see what he’s just passed.With the body sorted it was time to teach young Feliciano about the suspension. Bruno and the family did the rest of the build in his garage amongst his collection of Toyotas, including a Levin, and a Cressida; Filipinos really do love their Toyotas. The stance of this one is achieved with front and rear coilovers, and custom KP camber plates.

The interior is about as spartan as you get with a gutted interior, race seats, harnesses a JDM wheel and of course a 10-gallon fuel cell.

Toyota Starlet KP61

The interior is about as spartan as you get with a gutted interior, race seats, harnesses a JDM wheel and of course a 10-gallon fuel cell.

Toyota Starlet KP61

As we mentioned lil’ Eddie had his hands in much of the build but so did his Grandpa, his Dad’s cousin and of course, his Pops making this flat green wide-body Starlet a truly stunning family affair.


3SG 2nd Gen 2-litre (225bhp); custom made valve cover by Mon Revera; custom tranny mount; custom bell housing with 5-speed W Series transmission; custom exhaust, ITBs and intake; TEC3 ECU; FS racing fuel cell, custom filters, fuel pump and fuel lines; fuel pressure regulator; racing clutch and flywheel.

Panasport 3-piece wheels 10.5×15-inch (f), 11.5×15-inch (r) with 225/45×15 tyres front and rear; custom coilovers; GTS rear end with TRD LSD, KP camber plates; custom front bar; Tilton racing billet aluminium brake pedals; custom brakes and braided lines.

TRD Racing seats and steering wheel.

PJ Bonifacio front spoiler, sideskirts; rear diffuser; JDM bonnet; JDM mirrors.



source : fastcar.co.uk

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